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Havas Media creates meaningful relationships between brands and people through comprehensive strategy and skilled media planning.

We are Havas Media

Havas Media is a media agency with a clear mission: to forge meaningful connections between brands and people through strategic expertise and adept media planning.

We are part of the global network of marketing and communication agencies known as Havas. This affiliation empowers us to provide top-tier service to our worldwide clients and to share valuable insights with the local market. This is why we stand out as one of the most tightly integrated firms in our industry. We take a customer-centric approach, seamlessly blending media, creativity, digital solutions, and communication.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our commitment to innovative research solutions that have gained international recognition and continue to evolve.

Our Baltic States-based Meaningful Brands survey, one of the largest of its kind, serves as a strategic tool for marketing and senior executives of major regional brands. It offers a comprehensive 360-degree view of a brand's world, allowing us to not only highlight its functional advantages but also its role in enhancing personal and collective well-being.

Through our Connect research solution, we assist clients in understanding the impact of paid media, a brand's own channels, earned media, and shared media touchpoints at different stages of the customer journey when formulating a media strategy.

At Havas Media, we stay attuned to global developments and provide clients with insights based on future trends. To gain a better understanding of our target audience's future expectations, we leverage the Prosumer Reports, a global consumer research series. This annual report examines various topics and trends of significance from a marketing standpoint. We define a prosumer as a forward-thinking consumer who serves as an opinion leader, shaping the attitudes that will influence a broader audience in the future.

Our approach at Havas Media revolves around crafting thoughtful media strategies that enhance the customer experience. We subscribe to the Havas Mx (Media Experience) philosophy, which posits that effective brand communication hinges on a meaningful media experience.

A meaningful media experience is founded on three core principles:

  • Connection: Ensuring sufficient interaction with the right audience.
  • Content: Delivering messages that truly matter.
  • Context: Ensuring that touchpoints are relevant to the consumer in both time and space.

Freshly arrived

Having set up shop in Estonia, Lidl entered the market with a fresh message - a fresh selection always at the best price. Its focus on freshness helped Lidl avoid the image of being just another discounter.

Red Bull
Red Bull

Flight Day

Flight Day is one of the most important events organized by Red Bull. Thanks to the campaign, the event was wildly successful, with loads of crazy participants, thousands of spectators, and widespread media interest.


Congratulations on the best job ever

Lidl came up with its first mass recruitment campaign, the aim of which was to introduce the benefits offered by Lidl and to recruit a record 800 store employees to stores in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, and Narva. Mission accomplished.


Public offering of subordinated bonds

This was the first series of Bigbank's newly created unsecured subordinated bond program, which was carried out on the basis of the main prospectus of the subordinated bond program registered with the Financial Supervision Authority on 05.09.2022. The target group of the campaign was people aged 30+ mainly living in the city with savings; small and medium-sized investors. Mainly Estonians.


The b-b-b-best summer

With the opening of Lidl, competitors began to emphasize favorable prices and Estonian products. However, Lidl's selection of local products was still quite small. In return, Lidl worked to increase the recognition of its brand and brands.

Our Clients

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